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Lochart Group provide specialist services to the design, preparation and delivery of military awareness, research and education programmes. From the design of insightful and illuminating staff rides to the historic battlefields of Europe to the preparation of demanding and exacting training of military commanders and their staff, Lockhart Group have a depth of knowledge and professional experience which we translate into research, education and training solutions

A BSR are a powerful and unique insight into military campaigns from history. They provide military commanders with powerful insight which shines a light on the complex problems of military planning and command and leadership during operations. To achieve the most from these walks into history it is important that modern parallels are drawn from historical operations. Lockhart are unquely placed with a balance of contemporary operational experience and acadmic understanding to provide a rich and balanced leadership development tool.

Desiging specialist command and staff training allows commanders to concentrate on the setting of training objectives and the evaluation of personnel. Lockhart Group understand the current operational environments, doctrinal concepts and organisational concepts. They have prepared command and staff exerices at the operational level of war supporting individual and collective training and operational preparation

"The Romans owed the conquest of the world to no other cause than continual military training and unwearied cultivation of the arts of war"

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Not everyone is a military professional. There is a growing sector of interest in the professional conduct of warfare from a research perspective, deeper academic understandin and a philosophical interest in the design of campaigns, their organisation and leadership and command. Lockhart Group are able to provide a level of professional insight beyond the usual commercail sources, with seasoned senior military professionals and accomplished academics of military history.

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