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Formed by military professionals with extensive academic experience, the LG mission is knowledge and insight into military operations. The Company is designed to shine light on the conduct of campaign strategy, the composition of command and leadership and understanding of military philosophy and affairs. It uses history to explain and provide metaphors, but its purpose is to explain and understand the current and future operational environment s

Lockhart Group comprises and is operated by military professionals with extensive senior experience in the planning and conduct of recent operations,  As well as participation in all of the major military conflicts of recent times, their instructor experience at staff colleges in the US and UK allows them to provide operational context in the application of operational art and wider military philosophy. Lockhart focuses on command and leadership recognsing its core role in operational design.

Lockhart Group includes a faculty of experienced, published military academics, accomplished in tuition to military, academic and wider audiences. Much of their capability has been delivered within the context of understanding the battlefield. A core belief is the role of the commander in establishing a vision for operations andimparting intent. Considerable effort is invested into understanding the nature of commander and how it is organised within complex operational environments.

"Why should we look to the past in order to prepare for the future? Because there is nowhere else to look"

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Lockhart is a US company which operates across the continent of Europe. Understanding the battle winning elements of operations requires the capability to study conflict across history. From before Napoleonic times to modern conflict and from the Atlantic seaboard to the Gallipoli Peninsula, the Lockhart team have engaged a wide range of students, researchers and military professionals in the enduring nature of conflict and its demands upon the human spirit.

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